Why Accor Stadium Events Should be Your Next Corporate Outing

Any business must learn how to host corporate affairs. Social media connections like LinkedIn and Facebook cannot replace the relevance of in-person communication and events are a testament to this.

Corporate events are a perfect way to build lasting relationships with employees and clients and are crucial for making your business grow. These events allow you to develop and foster genuine connections and strengthen bonds with your clients and partners whilst attracting future ones. Corporate events build brand loyalty and recognition in a more fun and engaging way. Business is business, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun whilst closing deals with your clients and partners.

If you’re planning to hold your next corporate event, consider hosting it at Australia’s premier sporting events place—Accor Stadium (ANZ Stadium)!

Why Plan a Corporate Event?

There are multiple reasons to plan and host a corporate event. Still, ultimately, it all boils down to two significant reasons: build up team morale or build long-lasting relationships with clients.

When your company organises a corporate event focusing on employees, you can hold team-building activities, gala events or corporate meetings. These events are great for letting your employees know they’re valued and appreciated. They’re also a melting pot of new ideas and concepts that can benefit your company in the long run. 

On the other hand, when you’re focusing on clients, you want to hold trade shows, client appreciation events and product launches. These corporate events show your company’s sincerity and ease any tension or awkwardness so you can start on the right foot.

Planning Tips for a Successful Corporate Event

Here are a few tips to get you into the corporate planning mood and ensure that you hold a successful event:

  1. Determine Your Goals and Objectives—Knowing why you’re holding a corporate event is necessary to keep you and your guests’ expectations at bay. To ensure things run smoothly, you must make a list of what your guests want and expect for the event. 
  2. Stay on Budget—Once the goals and objectives are set, create a realistic estimate of your budget and stick with it. Don’t overspend and minimise your costs whenever possible. 
  3. Create a Guest List—Make a list of your guests and inform them with a personalised invitation or create a unique and innovative layout that will catch their attention and prompt them to attend your event. You may send them out one or two weeks before the event. 
  4. Location—This is the most crucial step since determining the location will fill you in on the appropriate theme for the event. Book the venue weeks beforehand and choose a date available for all your guests. Ensure that the venue is also memorable and appealing for your guests. 
  5. Make All the Necessary Arrangements—Avoid last-minute changes and ensure everything is already arranged on the day of the event. If changes are unavoidable, inform your staff, management and guests to avoid any hassle. 
  6. Encourage Participation and Make Connections—Ensure that your guests or clients are well acquainted by encouraging interactions or introducing them to each other. This can foster new relationships and provide an opportunity to meet possible clients. You can also tell guests to enjoy the food, relax and have a good time. 

Corporate event management can be stressful and challenging for a company, especially if you go overboard on your budget, your audience doesn’t turn up or they generally are not enjoying the event itself. 

We recommend proper planning and budgeting when hosting a corporate event to avoid these problems. Understanding your target audience’s wants and needs is imperative to ensure your event is a hit and a major success. You can also partner with a company like us at Eventpod that specialises in hosting corporate hospitality events to ease the burden and handle all the relevant logistics for you. If you’re running out of corporate event ideas, try something unconventional and unique, such as sporting events and musical concerts, that will make your working day interactive, memorable, fun and engaging for all.

Why Choose Accor Stadium Events?


Accor Stadium, formerly ANZ Stadium, is one of Australia’s top-tier live sports and entertainment event venues that can seat more than 80,000 people at any given time. The Accor Stadium events provide goers with an electrifying experience, whether it’s rugby, cricket, football or a rocking concert. 

Accor Stadium’s hospitality is unmatched and suitable for any corporate event, and it understands that business can be fun and serious simultaneously. The Accor Stadium corporate box suite provides the best view and experience to keep your guests engaged and entertained throughout the sport or musical event. 

Additionally, the ANZ stadium box suites are ideally situated at the second level between the 20-metre lines for guests to take in the sporting atmosphere and immerse themselves in the game. The Accor Stadium Corporate Box suite can also accommodate a group of 8, 12 or 16 people and comes with perks and amenities you can enjoy, such as:

  • Comfortable seating that comes with cup holders.
  • A dining experience with a gourmet menu and premium beverages replenished throughout the event. 
  • Event programmes that will keep your guests engaged and provide opportunities for interactions.
  • Merchandise and products that your guests can take home as memorabilia to make the event unforgettable. 
  • A fantastic view of the field that is immersive and one-of-a-kind. 

These amenities provide the perfect unforgettable experience to keep your guests and clients satisfied and entertained. It will close that deal or cement that partnership with your clients to grow your company. Alternatively, it can foster stronger connections and boost team morale with your employees and colleagues, which will be a bedrock for creativity and ideas for your company. 

Eventpod: Corporate Hospitality Experiences Like No Other

The ANZ events lineup for November features one of the best sporting events before the year ends, with the Super Sydney Cup kicking off a match between the English Premier League club Everton and Scottish Premiership champions Celtic. The exciting game will happen on Sunday, 20 November 2022. 

On the other hand, the year’s musical event in Australia features the return of Stadium Rock as Guns n’ Roses will take the stage for a spectacularly loud and electrifying performance on 27 November. This will also feature two exciting bands: The Chats and Cosmic Psychos.

Whichever you chose, whether it’s the exciting football match between Everton and Celtic or the rocking concert by Guns n’ Roses, your corporate event will be a sure hit and memorable like no other. Get in touch with us at Eventpod, and we can arrange the best corporate hospitality event for your employees or clients.