Team Development in Sydney

Build strong bonds across any organisation

Developing your team’s leadership and team capability is critical for the success of your organisation. Imagine what your team could achieve if they were all working together collaboratively, and they all shared your vision and values. Your organisation would be far more productive, and your team would be engaged and empowered like never before.

Our objective is to transform your team to a high performing level. We accompany your team on a journey and tailor a program to meet your objectives. We stimulate, challenge and facilitate using our experiential based Team Building, Team Development and Leadership programs. This may be from a half day to 6 months with a view to an ongoing and sustainable improvement.

By assembling elite operators with backgrounds in psychology, sport and the military but with senior corporate experience, we’ve achieved a balance of applied research, military planning and business leadership expertise. Many of our team are former SPECIAL FORCES operatives who understand how teams work in the most compelling environments imaginable.

They have a wealth of practical expertise backed up with by our 360 organisational surveys and leadership protocol reporting.

Executive Stretch

Extortionists have demanded a $10 million ransom within a four hour deadline, or your company’s plans for a new range of products will be destroyed. Working in a team environment with the help of our Amazing Race style app on their smartphones, the mission begins. They must earn as much money to pay a ransom in time by solving clues and going from checkpoint to checkpoint. Not only will they enjoy a great event it helps bond the team which will be remembered for a considerable time to come.

Mission Command

Plans to unveil your company’s newest project are left in tatters as armed terrorists steal your plans in a dramatic raid. Your mission: complete a series of team designed tasks and defuse the Bomb. Your group will cross the Electric Fence, recover a Nuclear contaminated container, build the Bridge and construct a Raft amongst many other challenges, whilst being coached by elite former SPECIAL AIR SERVICE operatives. It’s a race against time to defuse the bomb but which wires do the team cut to avoid detonation?

Helping Hands

The Helping Hands Project is a truly unique opportunity for organisations to get involved with a worthwhile cause at the same time as super-charging employee engagement. More than just team building, participants in our programs build prosthetic hands that are then donated to amputee land-mine victims throughout the developing world. The activity empowers every participant in just a few hours to make a real and lasting contribution, and in doing so reminds people what it feels like to be engaged in a truly purposeful activity.

Building a team is a collaborative effort. With a strong team, you can take your organization to a height no one could imagine. Especially in the competitive corporate sector, it is very important to go through a proper corporate teambuilding process to ensure that you have a trusting, efficient, and united team.

Why is building a strong team so important?

A strong team is the base of any organization’s success. With a great team, you can achieve things quickly and more efficiently. Eventpod understands this need and helps organizations build stronger bonds among their teams. Our collaborative and team building activities encourage coordination and bonding among various teams, enabling them to become stronger and get even further ahead of their goals. 

Before we take a look at how our initiatives like the team development Sydney event help you, here is what makes a strong team:

  • Trust:

Trust is the most important thing a team should have in these competitive times. When we trust our team members, we can function better and focus on the priority tasks. Trust in a team establishes a sense of safety, comfort, and compatibility. Once the members trust each other regarding their strengths and weaknesses, they can help each other better and perform better as a team.

  • Communication:

Effective communication is an important part of any corporate team building process. Communicating effectively is only possible when you have a strong team. This includes both the communication among the members and the team's communication with external factors. With better communication, teams can strategize in a better way and efficiently solve problems. Hence, goals can be achieved faster.

  • Diversity and collaboration:

Being different is a human quality no one can deny. We are all different and unique. However, while working as a team, how you are similar is more important. With the diversity of talent and opinions comes a collaborative effort to achieve the same goal with the same values in mind. Members with diverse talents work together in a way that they can use their strengths effectively and overcome their weaknesses together. After all, that is what a team is all about, right? 

  • Creativity and innovation:

When your members are creative and innovative, beneficially channelizing their potential becomes easier. Creativity is not just limited to being innovative about new things. It also means using existing resources effectively and getting creative solutions out of complex issues. Collaborative and creative problem-solving is what makes the team stronger and better. 

  • Responsibility:

A team’s success is majorly defined by how responsible the team members feel towards it. If they are willing to take complete responsibility for the team's success and failures, there will most likely be no failures. Even if there are, your team will just come back stronger. Being responsible and taking the initiative for the team's success is the first step to building a great team.

Eventpod’s team development Sydney activities are a great example of how all these activities collectively improve the performance and results of the team. We understand the different goals and needs of every team and help them perform better by enhancing these values. Let us see how we help teams become better versions of themselves.

How does Eventpod help in team building?

At Eventpod, many of our experts have been working with the special forces for the past few years. Who could understand the importance of team building more than them, right? With these experts by your side, you are sure to build a team that shares the same motives and thrives together while achieving milestones. 

If you are wondering how Eventpodwill helps you in the corporate team building process, here’s how we do that:

  • Expert supervision:

Building a team is an experience and a journey that takes a lot of effort and time to give fruitful results. We at Eventpod have gathered the most seasoned psychologists, sports coaches, senior corporate experts, and even military servicemen. These professionals have extensive experience and are the best people to help you build your team.

  • Carefully crafted activities:

We have designed various corporate teambuilding activities for teams to engage in. through these activities; we try to enhance problem-solving, trust, communication, and overall coordination in the team. We aim to create stronger bonds and encourage healthy relationships among corporate teams to help them grow better. 

We have activities like an executive stretch, helping hands, and mission command. Through these activities, we introduce the importance of various values a team must have in order to function properly. Our team eventSydneycamp was filled with such interesting and fun activities.

  • Experiential team building:

We at Eventpod believe in experiential approaches for all our activities. We experiment, research, and conduct surveys that help us build beneficial activities. Team building is not just about attending seminars and listening to someone speak for hours. In fact, we believe that all corporate team building activities should be designed in a way that involves the team. 

From problem-solving to decision-making, all the team efforts are demonstrated through activities that make the team understand and apply them better. In our opinion, this is the best way to help teams grow.

  • Team-centric approach to leadership:

In our programs, we ensure that the leadership is always team centric. What we mean by team-centric leadership is that the leadership of the team must work in a way that encourages the team. The clear difference between leadership and ownership is explained to the teams, where they learn that for a team to function properly, strong and involved leadership is needed.

Why Choose Us?

Team building activities are an essential part of building a strong team. Eventpod has a lot of experience in conducting these activities for various teams. Our successful team development Sydney program can be a great example of that.

We focus on building the base for the team with values and shared motives and let the activities do the rest. We help teams get stronger through these activities and guided sessions.