All You Need to Know About Corporate Event Planning

Are you looking to plan a corporate event for your organisation? Do you know how to do it the right way? How should you start and what will you need? 

Australia is a hub of various corporate organisations. Thinking about Australia evokes images of serene beaches, welcoming people, innovative thinking and sensational landscapes. Apart from distinctive locations, the country offers life-long experiences. If you are looking to plan an out-of-the-box location for your corporate event, Australia is the best place to be.

Read this blog as we take you through corporate event planning and the elements associated with it. 

But first, let’s discuss corporate events and why they are crucial.

What Are Corporate Events?

Corporate organisations host corporate events to develop customer and employee relationships. These events are organised either to launch a new project, communicate the company’s strategy, train or reward employees, change the internal communication method or celebrate the company’s achievements. 

These events are organised by professional event management companies that bring the employees together and build long-lasting relationships with employees and stakeholders. These events, despite having some motive behind them, are fun, facilitate team building and enhance the employee’s morale. Also, these events help businesses build personal relationships with their target audience and improve brand recognition. 

However, it takes work to plan a corporate event as it involves a lot of challenges, such as low attendance, budget constraints, implementing ideas etc. Whether the event is organised to train 25 members or launch a product with 300 people, it’s imperative to have a basic understanding of event management. Some aspects of corporate event management include planning, research, design, evaluation and coordination. 

Types of Corporate Events

Corporate events are different for different companies. It depends on the company’s size, the team members involved and the company’s goal. You need to assess these things before you start planning. Also, do market research and find out how much a corporate event costs

Broadly, there are three types of corporate events based on the number of people:

Micro Events 

Micro events, also called simple events, are hosted for 90–100 people and are more in the form of meetings, seminars, conferences or training sessions. The planning for such events often involves booking a hall that accommodates 100 people, refreshments and presentation facilities.

Midsize Events 

Midsize events involve up to 1000 people, and it is more like leadership summits or big conferences. Many elements are involved, such as transport facilities, pre and post-event reception, food and accommodation, and evening entertainment. 

Large-Scale Events

Large-scale events involve 2000 or more people, and a lot goes into planning. Flight tickets, online registration, hotel booking, and food arrangements. Large-scale multi-day events involve cultural programs, dinners, offsite activities, and award ceremonies. Delegate management, catering, staffing and registration must be planned carefully.

Steps to Planning an Influential Corporate Event

Before planning a corporate event, it is essential to create a map of everything that needs to be included. Here is a list of critical things you need to do if you want to plan a corporate event. 

Set Goals and Objectives

The first step towards planning a corporate event is deciding the objective and type of the event. Whether it is a team meeting, seminar, picnic or conference, having a goal will help you make the arrangement properly. You should keep the focus on the number of people and their needs. 

Set the Event’s Budget

Budget is another significant concern of any event. You should know how much do corporate events cost so you can plan them well. When deciding on the budget, make sure to consider every expense that will be involved to avoid overspending. 

Make a List of Guests

Guests are another critical factor that needs to be considered. According to your audience, you will have to decide on the equipment, services, venue and other essential elements for your corporate event. Also, consider creating innovative and creative cards and sending them to your guests. 

Choose a Location

When deciding about the venue for your corporate event, make sure that it can help make the event become a memorable one. However, keep your budget in mind. Select a location that entices your target audience and that your guest will admire. Also, your location should reflect your theme, as well as your company and event objective. 

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